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Buy direct from the factory!  Kemistain is an original concrete acid stain, not a paint like stain or weak diluted stain acid stain.  Those stains are usually offered free shipping or they are carried in chain stores.  Our Classic Etch Acid Stain actually etches the concrete while turning it to the desired colors.  The marbled look is achieved by the lime and minerals in the surface of the concrete being highlighted for a natural look.  This produces produces a variety of tones resembling marble or stone.  Our acid stain will not peel or remove from the surface of the concrete.

Concrete Acid Stain picture      Cola Concrete Stain                       Black Concrete Stain
      Buckskin Concrete Stain               Verde Green Concrete Stain
      Walnut Concrete Stain                  Rustic Red Concrete Stain
      Dark Walnut Concrete Stain        Weathered Copper Concrete Stain
      Cinnamon Concrete Stain             Laguna Blue Concrete Stain

Kemistain manufactures concrete stain that is used for staining concrete and other cementitious surfaces. Classic Etch concrete stain produces a unique mottled coloring that is only matched to natural stone as seen in granite and marble.  Kemistain concrete stain is a metallic based acid stain that does not require a pre-treatment with muriatic acid, unlike acrylic concrete stains.   Acrylic concrete stains are water based paint like products that bond to the top of the concretes surface, but Classic Etch acid stain penetrates the concrete's pores and chemically changes the color to a permanent result.                       Prices and Quantities Here!


How to concrete stain video.
How to stain concrete DVD $19.99  +s&h
Concrete Stain Color Chart
Concrete stain color chart. 
How to stain concrete on video!
Concrete stain 101

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Classic Etch Concrete Stain
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Concrete Sealer
Concrete Sealer
KS-669 Acrylic Concrete Sealer

Concrete Stain Uses:    

Concrete stain on stucco vertical wall. Staining concret interior and concrete stain exterior patio and garages.     Stucco and vertical walls provide great canvases for Classic Etch Concrete Stain.  Don't just paint stucco, stain it!  Give it the character of a faux finish in just one easy step.

Concrete stain cast stone.  Stain concrete on garden ornaments for acid concrete stain.
     Give cast stone such as fireplace surrounds, columns, balusters, watertables, quoins, keystones, caps and coping a handsome finish with little expense and effort.   


   Concrete stain in business, stained concrete floors in commercial flooring with concrete acid stain.  

      Turn any concrete slab into a piece of art!   Don't settle for just any flooring system.  Give your commercial floors style and appeal.  Create a warm but sophisticated atmosphere with Classic Etch!
     - Commercial Flooring              - Department Stores       - Retail Malls
     - Shopping Centers                 - Restaurants                  - Golf Clubs
     - Night Clubs                            - Churches                       - Offices
     - Government Buildings           - Dental and Medical Buildings      


Concrete Stain Cola, concrete stain tan, concrete stain blue, concrete stain green concrete stain brown concrete black concrete stain red, copper concrete stain, patina stained concrete and gold wheat concrete stain rust.     Tired of ceramic tile, wood or carpet flooring?  Classic Etch will produce character and styling that will make any home or business shine.  Who gets excited about the choices of yesterday's flooring?  Today's home and business owner wants a classy look that is unique while adding a personal touch.  Consumers have grown tired of assembly line flooring choices.   You will not find artistic flooring like Classic Etch at department stores.  There are many advantages of Classic Etch over other types of flooring while costing much less.  The average cost of Classic Etch is only $.50 per square foot.   Compared to $3.00 to $10.00  per square foot for the average carpet, tile or wood flooring.  That will save you $$thousands$$ while looking like you spent much more. 
Concrete stain on Statue and Fountain stained with acid stain on statue company.   Give unfinished garden and yard ornaments color and character. Stain with Kemistain Classic Etch Concrete Stain.   Whether its birdbaths, waterfalls, park benches or other cast ornaments, use our Classic Etch to give that perfect antiqued look. 



Concrete Stain Color Chart
Kemistain Concrete Stain Manufacturer
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images/msds/Concrete_stain_msds/concrete_stain_weathered_copper MSDS v3.pdf
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